Edmond Chhung

Hunting for a New Job

30 May 2016 – Manchester

I quit my QA Manager job in December last year, I seemed to be “burned out” and I just wasn’t enjoying my job at the time. Trying to change policies and processes is not worth the effort if everyone is not fully committed to quality. After I left my job I felt a sense of regret because many friends and family members asked why would you do that, shouldn’t you just try to work through it they said. At the time I thought they were right and was even thinking about asking to go back. Fortunately and unfortunately the company filed for administration at the end of January. I know now that it was the right decision to quit. It has taught me a few things this, you should go with your gut sometimes even if it goes against what everyone else says. I believe that it is very important to find a company that suits you as well and has the right people with right attitude. Its great to have a a big banner stating the company values but if the company doesn’t follow this then itis worthless. So now I am on the hunt for a new job, and hopefully I can get a that can support me as much as I can support them.